Saturday 25 May 2024

#1608 - life







even well

it ends badly


a sky does its dark


try as we may

all for even the best


here we are then not

it’s severally so


you’d have to had been there


had to be otherworldly to tell

the package bust open

seed spread


say golden for our sun


the ink still pouring out of a night

all ache until

it’s only here

too late


big deal for not long

even the life of a star


only a body sees us out


it transpired life on other worlds

is more likely purple than green


this was in my feed


pick up the trail to leave off

the church wrings out is knell 

esperanta serio #998 - ne tuŝu mian morton



ne tuŝu mian morton


ĝi estas bela afero


suno enprofundigita en herbo for


mi laboris pro ĉi tio

ĉiujn miajn tagojn


novaĵo pasas super mi

devas atendi ĝis mankas tempo


kuŝi kun la fakto

kaj denove luktu


bonvolu ne tuŝi mian morton

ankoraŭ ne




don’t touch my death


it is a beautiful thing


sun sunk in grass gone


I’ve been working on this

all my days


sun sunk in grass gone


news passes over me

must bide till there’s no time


lie down with the fact

and wrestle again


please don’t touch my death

not yet

#1607 - looking out of a word





looking out of a word


o world

whom nobody owns

or made


turn it on the tongue


the picture of sunshine


head dark of glass


survey the city of the eye

take turns


far out of intention


how differently the day sits now


inside the blaze a star


inside the tree

this climbing thicket

for a perch

and sing


now I see what

they mean

Friday 24 May 2024

esperanta serio #997 - dormo estas la katastrofo



dormo estas la katastrofo


malfermu fenestron

enlasu la kvieton


kun la tempo kaj kun sorto

ni renkontas la aliajn de la sonĝo


mi havis linion kaj perdis ĝin

fajroj ankoraŭ venontaj


ĵus komenciĝas nun







sleep is the catastrophe


open a window

let the stillness in


over time and with luck

we meet the others of the dream


I had a line and lost it

fires yet to come


just getting started now



Thursday 23 May 2024

#1606 - walk into the poem




walk into the poem


friends are all there


dark before the mulberry moon

last lavender of sky


had the rainbow

had the mirror

had the pocket of smoke


it’s winter

we’re the fire


meet the memory of things

just where it comes to rest


it was the tongue run off with the words


so I rode on

I drove them before

we were all on foot


I was healing to the light time bent

I have decided to make my own weather


Day 4 – took the pills

made it Thursday

pulled up my socks to go


I could hear the far world

see through screens of sky


long love in the ice hut

come down by rope ladder


later I would burst out of the shell

a glut of glint


victim of own sunshine


I think it was a wake up call


come to the wall

be the vine






walk these five days into the poem

see how everything has changed

esperanta serio #996 - trezormapo de mia kapo interne



trezormapo de mia kapo interne


la sekreto estis ebria, en kanto



bildo klinita por diveni


sufiĉe da homamaso ĉi tie

ĉiuj senvortaj samtempe


malnovaj pecetoj da metalo

tabuloj tro bonaj por bruligi

kaj grandaj aferoj

kion fari?


ie la vojo

bruetis preter

kaj mi perdis ĝin


kapturno kaj pli


kompatu iun alian memon

ĉu vi ne povas?


esti en la muziko

kaj for




a treasure map of my head inside


the secret was drunk, in a song



image bent to guess


quite a crowd here

all speechless at once


old bits of tin

planks too good to burn

and big stuff

what to do?


somewhere the road

rattled past

and I lost it


past dizzy


pity some other self

can’t you?


to be in the music

and gone



Wednesday 22 May 2024

#1605 - curse for scammers





curse for scammers


may you be exposed


may you be impersonated by something worse


may the mirror of dark intention

swallow you whole


may you be the victim of your own scam

may you fall for the cruellest trick


may the teeth of your keyboard

rattle, fall out

and then the teeth in your head


may your mouse tear off like a demon

but not before delivering high voltage shocks


may your victims pursue you with personal curses


may all your ill gotten turn to turd

may you be made to polish it too

and swallow


may you choke on your lies


may you be the biggest sucker of all


may you wake in a bed full of snakes

more venomous than you


may all your accounts be drained at once


and the moment you find out


may your screen flicker dead


may superstition make you sure that worse is coming  


may the police break down your door

taser you, pepper spray too

cop a truncheon


may you catch fire, pants up

be your own auto da fé


may hell be real and the fire go on

burn fucker! is what I mean


may you be laid naked on the frozen mountain at birth


may you never shit again

may you have never been born