Monday, 5 June 2023

#649 - unu por la senfinado




unu por la senfinado


estis tempo, kiam ni vivis en la pluvo


diris ĝin por arbaro

ni vojaĝis en tapiŝo


kaj tio estis la ĝardeno


fontanoj kaj floroj

tute neniu problemo


devis esti fumo tra ni trapasis

aŭdis tankojn pleniĝantajn de


ĉiuj brilas al la branĉetpinto, kiun ni estis

arbaroj disverŝiĝis en padojn


kaj tiel la laboroj kaj tagoj


en ĉi tiu tuta trezoro

kaj ni forgesis


fajro estis skribaĉo

ni registris tiam

kaj denove ŝtelis, denove





one for the endlessness


there was a time we lived in the rain


said it for a forest

we travelled in a rug


and that was the garden


fountains and flowers

no trouble at all


must have been smoke we came through

heard tanks filling from


all glisten to the tip we were

woods spilt into paths


and so the works and days


in all this treasure

and we had forgotten



fire was a scribble

we took down then

and stole again, again


#1251 - dogs of Dombóvár




dogs of Dombóvár

and this is to piss off their owners


all teeth

best friend

and tear around

they are yappy carnivores


simple as children

and like their prey processed

best out of a can


sit Puli,  Hajna stay

drop it


bark back!

it’s what you have to do

it’s all they’ll understand


good fences make best dogs most angry


though sometimes sheepish

you may set ‘pet lamb’


a dog like that is Rezi or Jeno


each keeps its kingdom tidily


and good dog must accept

                     face fact

lest bite the hand that feeds


down Otto, jump Viktor

Vlodomir beg


dogs know who is who


they tug you round the block

they haul you to the park

and home!


think paper, slipper, pipe

smell fear


down Árpád

roll over Attila


a dog may shit on its own lawn

lay the bottles where you will

that’s just superstition


obedient to the fence it knows

dog is a realist

though worshipful


and did I mention teeth?

something not unlike a shark

and polished and still gleam


as much as to say

a dog is sharp, will fetch

and carry

home to serve


dogs have held high office

I think in the case of Caligula

or that might have been a horse



cave canem anyway

they are the unacknowledged beadles

your dog is a born bureaucrat


looks out over big spectacles

once wore a funny wig


guarding the stored up treasure


you watch them dream – demure

mild little lion each

how once and won’t remember far


but the teeth are what you see

in other people’s dogs!


they know what they’re about


some are geniuses

who calculate the angles by glint

and cube a bone for dice


they hear all

sniff much


here’s dogged luck

to drag your sled

across the endless ice


dogs make each of us king queen


they are good as gold

dine well when loved

with such sharp –

shan’t we call them canines?


once they had an eponymous continent

such ambitions sank

but you know how a dog goes on

to get in the record books


fearless they are

and feel no guilt


dogs are first to forget

although they’ll keep a grudge

and nurse it


roll over, where’s that bone gone?


never trust the neighbours


once foreign dogs now speak the lingo

each is one of us


it’s sit up and beg, Sándor

show us some of your tricks


each is a prisoner

none can see

and that’s important too


imagine if they organized!


people defend against dogs with a dog

like guns for guns

and no bad weather


little man with a big stick


they are so various



drug dealer dogs – pit bull


guide dogs, rescue dogs


and out of the laps of real ladies

pretty precious poodle bites best


there’s the pointer, the retriever

sheep, cattle, kingly…

and some dogs multi-task


there are big police dogs to tear you apart

Nazi camp dogs ten leagues high


there’s the guide dog

knife through butter streets

makes the unknown safe


but I haven’t seen one in Dombóvár

I only hear the barking

I only see the teeth


summer dogs compete with the cuckoo

the leaf blower, every other machine


and should one not spare a thought for the cats?

and cats are also carnivores

though each a fearful slink

a chancer                                    


they are the refugees of town

familiars of the dark

ask them – they won’t even know if they’re stray

each has its secret ways, its haunts


dogs keep count of their lives


down Árpád

have a treat Attila


each dog prisoner of time


each has his her day

let sleeping lie

on earth

as with the virtuous pagans

our heroes in their heaven


chasing the postman

the milkman retired


pepper spray would be fun

… for a start


we could have a cenotaph


dog gone is all I could wish

you can see I’m barking myself


when I wonder

just how many wolves there are left

Sunday, 4 June 2023

#648 - mi estas posumo



mi estas posumo


mi estas ornitorinko, ankaŭ valabio


arboj estas altaj, mi renkontas la homojn


mi atentigas vin pri

la malkovro de formikoj, de nebulo, koto

de sablo, de steloj


la luno estas tie kaj tiam ĝi ne estas

fermu miajn okulojn kaj vi ne vidos


kiam oni unue renkontas, la tempo malrapida

ĝi rigardas kiel horloĝo


ili nun aŭskultas la novaĵojn

estas kiam vi venas al la momento

vi kuŝos malantaŭen kaj rigardos


ĉi tiu tuta mondo alvenis tuj

mi naĝas, mi grimpas kaj mi estas for




I'm possum


I'm platypus, wallaby too


trees are tall, I meet the people


I draw your attention to

the discovery of ants, of mist, mud

of sand, of stars


the moon is there and then it's not

close my eyes and you won't see


when first encountered, time is slow

it watches like a clock


they're listening to the news now

it's when you come to the moment

you'll lie back and watch


all this world arrived at once

I'm away, I swim, I climb



#1250 - nowhere





Dombóvár set


I like to be nowhere

in a country


that’s as far in as you can be


I like to be nowhere at all

and it’s where I’m from

by the way


there are little things to note in such places


field and breeze

the lean of the trees


to be there you have to be nobody too


even so, seem outlandish to them

speak a funny way


people nowhere just wouldn’t know

but you recognize the type


I don’t know them

they don’t know me


it’s comfortable to be nobody too

as long as the essentials are laid on


you had to have had some kind of road

and running water’s good


but we don’t need to get to know each other


owe nothing

no one has a debt to pay


of course there’s a fierceness


all this built and deliberately too

there’s often a bedrock of belief


we could be hounded out of town with pitchforks

could be installed as kings and queens


but for that you’d have to be somewhere


nowhere is better by far


meadows and the summer shade

mosquitoes known by name


it’s better to leave no tracks at all


to be small in a small place

no one remembers


that’s as good as gone